Hello, I am Angela Dawn Wright

As a young girl I suffered many traumatic moments including being bullied, it was art, fashion, all sorts of glamorous magazines that took me out of the sadness, and there I was dreaming of a life of glory and victory. At school and at home the bullying would be hard to deal with so little support. The dream of being a fashion designer or artist was inspiring and aspirational for me as a young girl. Making art often meant selling my drawings and being paid for commissions for those very children bullying me, making art was my escape and pulled me up from the humiliation.
I admit that I had that dream of the ‘Classic Barbie Fairytale’ of glamour and happy ever after, chasing that dream. I’m always subverting the grand themes of ‘Happily Ever After’ and my ultimate mantra of “I Want To Be Beautiful” being lodged deep within my core, keeping me raised up from the deep deep sadness and longing to be loved. And now, back in schools reaching almost 2,000 children I am empowering young children to dream big and know that they stand a chance of achieving and aiming for their full potential.
......coming soon will be a portal to purchase art and website dedicated to engaging with schools for creative industries and arts careers choices and enlightenment.

With pride, and gratitude I have studied and completed a degree in Fine Art 2:1, as a graduate of University of Suffolk. I promote the arts and creative industries, directly to children by invitation from schools and sixth forms; and I am a local School Governor.

I am disabled, and have many ailments doing my best to be the best I can.
I am on the Making Art Making Money course led by Ann Rea creating the New Creative Class movement.

My Work

Angela: "I am currently a student on the MAMM course as part of the New Creative Class. Checking on the pulse of arts local and national to me is something I like to keep up to date with reading in the press or through my networks. This keeps me up to date with released information regarding the current challenges and opportunities that are faced by the public and private sector funding and partnership support. I am inspired by BobandRobertaSmith's campaign for healthy arts in education and I am keen to promote a better understanding the human element of benefits claimants... Follow the updates in my blog and v-log on tumblr howbenefitgalworks." t

LaLa's Blog

A career of an artist, sharing, admitting, observing, most of all a blog should be a source of liberty and express an insight into an experience or theory. My main theory to deal with negativity is "You get dealt lemons, make Lemonade" (Joan Collins) I dare you to Share!!!!